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Global Pixel Initiative

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A home for Game Developers

Global Pixel Initiative is a community focused workspace for game developers located in the center of Lahore.

Whether you’re a freelancer looking for a coworking space, a small team in need of your own room or an established studio looking for your new home there is something for you. Grab lunch in the canteen together with game developers from all corners of the world

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You don't need to choose when you can have it all. We've got everything you need. No cubicles.

Sound Studio

This studio enables you to create high-quality sound effects, music compositions, voice-overs, and other audio assets for your games.

Super Internet

High-speed internet access, allowing you to download and upload large files quickly, collaborate with team members remotely, and access online resources without interruptions.

Graphics Art

Access to graphics art tools and software, enabling you to design and create stunning game assets, characters, environments, and user interfaces.

VR Camera 360

We provide a VR camera that allows you to capture 360-degree footage, which can be used for creating immersive VR content or showcasing gameplay in a more engaging manner.

Server Room

We offers a dedicated server that allows you to host and manage your game servers effectively.

Rendering Farm

Access to a rendering farm or powerful workstation PCs, enabling you to handle demanding graphics processing efficiently and accelerate your development workflow.

Photography Studio

A photography studio where you can capture professional-grade images for your games, whether it's product shots, character portraits, or concept art.

Vlogging Room

Dedicated vlogging room equipped with the necessary equipment and facilities to record and produce high-quality videos.

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